About Bobbie Lind and Right Rudder Consulting

Almost every about page on the web tells a little information about the person or company you are researching. I decided to take a different approach – I want you to get to know me. Business doesn’t happen between companies, it happens between people. People you know, like and trust.

In order to establish that trust, you have to get to know someone. This is my story.

Military Experience

Bobbie’s career started in the military. She was a United States Marine for 4 years. In that time, she learned a lot about leadership, team building and the subtle art of persevering even when you don’t fully understand the mission.

When she showed up to her first duty station her job was to watch equipment that was bolted to the floor – to make sure it didn’t leave the building. Yes, you read that right. Realistically her job was obsolete. It had been automated by technology. But, as we all know the government moves slower than a snail, stuck in molasses in winter.

With all her available downtime – or rather her time watching the lights blink on equipment – she started learning about computers. From programming to networking to the inner workings on how to make the things work.

Computers and Technology

When Bobbie’s superiors saw her ability to learn how to work computers they allowed her to work with the IT team. She started out on the help desk. Her role of importance increased a little – she went from monitoring stationary equipment to telling people to turn their machines off and on again to see if that fixed the problem.

Things were looking up! From here she excelled at computing and the remainder of her military career was spent supporting the forward deployed Marines by ensuing the computers and systems to send them the information they needed were working.

Once out of the Marines, Bobbie returned as a civilian Marine. A government employee attached to the Marine unit to support the mission. She continued to learn about computers and computing and decided to finish going to college to get her bachelor’s in computer science.

After several years of learning and growing in a comfy government job, Bobbie left the government sector and joined the ranks of Contractor to a government facility. It was here that she had the opportunity to get into supercomputing.

Discovering Marketing

While developing her skills in computing, Bobbie was constantly playing around with the internet. Building websites, understanding how technology interacted with each other, and learning the limits and power of the world wide web.

Her first website was a geocities website with scrolling marquee text – yeah, it was as bad as it sounds. But as the years passed her web design skills got better. As her web experience grew she started to notice how certain websites seemed to be more attractive and more sales oriented.

Bobbie started to use split testing and her analytical background to play and tested what happened when you changed certain aspects of a website.

The marketing bug caught on.

Changing Careers

After 13 years in computing, it was time to make the switch to her passion. Bobbie started working at an internet marketing company that helped clients build eCommerce sites and sell their products online. She took the company from a copycat style of business (the one that replicates what someone else is doing instead of innovating) to a thought leader and innovator in the industry.

She quickly became CMO and helped to launch a campaign from scratch that generated over $20 million dollars in sales.

During her time as a CMO, Bobbie built eCommerce sites for over 30 individual sellers of nutraceutical vitamins and supplements. She was also responsible for the marketing of those eCommerce sites.

Another function of her role was to create online course content for those sellers. One of the best ways to position a person or company as an expert in the field is to create online courses. This helped with marketing and authority for each of the sellers she worked with.

Functional Medicine

Bobbie’s first experience with functional medicine came in the form of food as medicine. She discovered the Paleo diet and after following a diet plan religiously she lost over 40 pounds in 6 months. This transformation lead to other health benefits as well.

Her first real experience with root cause medicine came when she visited a special chiropractor. You see, the military had told Bobbie that one leg was shorter than the other and she would need invasive surgery to correct the problem and most likely would need to have special shoes made to correct her limp.

After refusing to have surgery and going through a few “crack ‘em all” chiropractors, Bobbie found a chiropractor that took the time to really understand what was going on with her.

The x-rays and testing showed that her spine was under significant stress and her hips were rotated and out of whack along all 3 axis! One Atlas adjustment later, Bobbie’s limp went away and her “short leg” magically was positioned correctly and not actually shorter than the other one.

Invasive surgery avoided. And to think – if only an atlas adjustment was done earlier…

Learning to Fly

Flying is the ultimate freedom. And one day Bobbie woke up and decided that she was going to learn to fly – right then. So, she called the local flight school and started taking lessons.

There are many milestones in a person’s life that when you look back on them are truly defining moments. Learning to fly was one of those for Bobbie. It was a challenge to complete, required learning a whole new skill from the ground up and really tested her ability to focus.

The qualities required to fly a plane translate to business. Reading your plane’s instruments provide important metrics about the health of the aircraft and the flight. Which is exactly what is required when watching your marketing … metrics and health. Situational awareness requires a pilot to keep an eye on many different aspects of flight. And business requires you to have your attention on multiple facets.

If your plane is approaching a stall, you have limited time to determine how much altitude you have, what your instruments are telling you and make a potentially life changing decision. That directly relates to business and marketing with sales and cash management.

Like a pilot, a business person or marketing professional should have good training, hands on experience, learn the technical skills required, do some planning and have a plan for emergencies in case of a dilemma.

The freedom to fly and the challenge of learning something new was all the motivation she needed. Bobbie got her private pilot certificate in Sept. 2014. She is an active pilot today and flies as often as she can.

You can catch her staring at the sky on many occasions and wondering if it would be a good day to fly.

Right Rudder Consulting

Right Rudder Consulting is the culmination of a dream to help spread the message of functional medicine in the best way a Computer Scientist can. Bobbie is not a doctor and doesn’t want to be a doctor. But she knows technology, the internet, marketing, eCommerce and course creation. Her natural desire to help people is what drives her service to Functional Medicine Practitioners.

Bobbie helps functional medicine practitioners create passive income through building online courses and e-commerce stores. She can help go from concept to a fully developed course in as little as 60 days. She also understands the nuances of selling products online and how to add that capability to your website.

Bobbie – and Right Rudder Consulting’s – mission is simple: To help 10,000 practitioners to build the businesses of their dreams and create passive income.